The Real – Crack That Hangover!

The Real – Crack That Hangover!


REAL Teaser: Crack That Hangover
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Today Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 I watched one of my favorite daytime talk shows, The Real. One of the segments on the show was called “Crack That Hangover”, and not only was it informative but it was hilarious as all hell. During the segment each co-host would tell you a myth of what people would perceive to be true about avoiding hangovers when consuming alcohol, then they would take a breakable liquor bottle and crack the co-host that sat to the left of them over the head stating that they were “shattering the myth”.

Tamera Mowry-Housley was the first to crack a bottle over her unsuspecting co-host, Jeannie Mai’s head. Jeannie was in shock when she was struck by the bottle shouting “oh my God Tamera, oh my God…you could’ve warned me first…that hurt” all with a smile on her face. Jeannie then had her turn with celebrity guest host, Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives L.A.. Evelyn sat there and took Jeannie’s bottle to the head with stride. Before Evelyn would state her myth to be shattered with the breaking of a bottle, she felt the need to apologize to Loni Love who was next in line. Loni took her head bashing from Evelyn like a pro but you couldn’t say that about her fellow co-host, Adrienne Houghton. During the entire time that Loni was informing us of a myth, she was holding Adrienne by the arm making sure she didn’t evade the situation. Adrienne covers her face, ducks down low, and fluffs her ponytail for the impact when Loni cracks Adrienne over the head; the pain must’ve been all in her head as she popped up as if nothing happened.

The finale and most hilarious part of the entire segment was when Adrienne had to take her turn at cracking her co-host Tamera over the head with a liquor bottle. Adrienne reaches for her breakable bottle after stating her myth alerting Tamera to get up from her seat and duck underneath the table. Adrienne makes her way towards Tamera and Tamera makes a break for it; booking it around the table. Loni grabs Tamera by the arm as she passes and holds her in place till Adrienne gets to her. Adrienne goes in for the kill and guess what?…the breakable liquor bottle fails to break and Adrienne is shocked thinking she has hurt Tamera…lml. Loni then snatches the unbreakable-breakable liquor bottle from Adrienne’s hands and successfully cracks it over Tamera’s head with the look on her face like “that’s how you do it!”…lmao.

This was absolutely the best episode yet. This segment reminded me of how a group of close girlfriends would act; very playful and real.

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