Dachee Bohemian Style Laptop Bag Review

Dachee Bohemian Style Laptop Bag Review



After purchasing my new laptop I knew I needed something that would protect it from damage and make transporting it a breeze. I did my search online and came across a beautiful bag listed on the Amazon website. The quality of this bag is worth way more than the purchase price and I was so happy to reap the savings. The laptop bag was affordably priced at $17.99; a savings of 64% off the original price.


1 Exterior zipper pocket with 2 slit pockets and a place to store your writing instruments inside.

Both the front and back sides of the bag have pockets located near the carrying handles.


The place where you store your laptop is padded with a suede-like material and has a zipper closure to keep your laptop safe when traveling.


A detachable strap is included; This strap can transform your laptop sleeve/briefcase into a crossbody/shoulder bag.

20170303_164839The hardware on the bag is a gold-tone color.

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