Container Gardening #5 – I’m Growing A Salad

Container Gardening #5 – I’m Growing A Salad



Hey Guys,

I purchased an Artisan Salad Mix Kit online at The website is run by a Youtuber named Luke (MIgardener) and his wife. Luke practices Organic Gardening and posts videos on his YouTube channel regularly. I bought organic fertilizer (Trifecta +) from Luke twice but this was the first time I bought his seeds.

The Artisan Salad Mix Kit came with 12 different types of seeds, each in their own packet. The kit included:

(1) Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce
(1) Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
(1) Oakleaf Lettuce
(1) Slow Bolt Arugula
(1) Italian Dandelion
(1) Corn Salad Mache
(1) Minutina
(1) Giant Nobel Spinach
(1) Rouge De Verona Radicchio
(1) Large Leaf Sorrel
(1) Mizuna Red Streaks Mustard
(1) Purple Orach

This is how the compressed peat pellets look before they were expanded by the addition of warm water.

This is how the peat pellets looked after warm water was added. I repurposed a cake pan and cover and created a mini greenhouse that held my Jiffy peat pellets.

I labeled and placed the 12 different types of seeds into 2 peat pellets each, totaling a number of 24 seeded peat pellets.

Once all of the pellets were planted with seeds, I placed and locked the dome-shaped cake cover over the pellets and onto the tray. I was told by another Youtuber to keep the indoor grow lights on for 24 hours until they sprouted. So I will have my lights on for 24 hrs until they sprout and, then based on each of the seeds, will give them an average of 6 to 8 hrs of sunlight daily.

Let’s Talk: I’ve started a few weeks late for the growing season in zone 7 but am excited to have finally have started. Did you start planting your seeds for this years growing season yet? If so, what seeds have you planted? and if not, what are you thinking about planting whenever you do start? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks For Reading ♥


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