Container Gardening #7 – I’m Growing A Hass Avocado Tree

Container Gardening #7 – I’m Growing A Hass Avocado Tree


Hey Guys,

I love Avocados, Hass Avocados to be exact. I watched a video of someone sprouting a Mango seed and thought that I should give it a try with my Avocado seeds. I started the germination process using two Avocado seeds, one with a layer of skin on the seed and the other without the skin covering the seed. I don’t have the dates of when I started each seed because I was testing to see if the seeds would actually germinate using this process.

One of the test seeds had rotted before it could germinate. This is the seed without the skin.

 The skin was left on this test seed and it didn’t rot but instead germinated. This seed was ready to be potted in soil.

I sowed the test seed that germinated into a container with soil and worm castings. I watered the seed in with fish fertilizer. I labeled the avocado seed with the date of potting since I didn’t have the date when I began the germination process.

Grow Your Own Avocado Tree From Seed!

Distinguish the top of the Avocado seed from the bottom of the Avocado seed. If some of the skin that covers the seed starts to peel off it’s absolutely fine. Being able to to see the natural break in the seed helps when staking the toothpicks.


Gather a small translucent container that will hold your seed in, a few toothpicks which will be used for staking your seed in place, and some water; tap water is fine.


Pierce the seed with the toothpicks at an angle making sure to avoid the natural splitting of the seed (if any).

Place the seed with toothpicks in the translucent container and fill with water exposing about 1/4th of the top of the seed. Place your seed in a spot where it can be easily monitored.


  1. Check the water on a daily basis, adding back any water that was lost.
  2. Gently aide in the removal of the skin that covers the seed as it soaks off by rinsing the seed under running water.
  3. Make sure the container that holds your seed remains free of debris at all times to avoid any mold, mildew, or algae that may develop.

Thanks For Reading! ♥


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